The Climate of Science

What has happened to science, I mean the scientific method? What are the barriers to doing real science? Is consensus science real science?

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai addresses these issues on on the Youtube channel Logos Media II. It is posted on June 11, 2019.

Dr. Ayyadurai is an MIT Ph.D., environmentalist, scientist and activist. In this piece he talks about how science is affected by money, politics, and even university tenure.

If you want to skip the introduction you can start at 23:00 minutes. In the introduction you will learn that Dr. Ayyadurai invented e-mail (no joke) and is running for public office.

(23:25) Academics “… are basically prostitutes for what ever grants are available”

(23:50) “The fake news behind the fake news is really fake science.”

(25:00) “The real scientists have been filtered out starting around the 60’s and 70’s, and you have a bunch of lemmings called academics. They get rid of the real smart guys, people that want to raise hell because a scientist is ultimately a revolutionary. Science is always pushing the edges. Rarely do you have great scientist supporting the status quo. So they have gotten rid of those people.”

(26:30) Truth by consensus. Keep out descanting opinions.

(28:20) What is the scientific method?

(32:20) What has happened with climate change? “None of the models match reality” If a model mimics reality then it should always have a consistent prediction.”

(32:55) The climate change nonsense. There are 40 different models for the ice melting from the arctic. “That’s not science. That’s called indeterminate.” “Same with the 120 models they have for how CO2 will effect temperature. Again, 120 different models.” “They people that are climate scientists . By the way there is no field called climate science. “

In order for Academics (ie. Professors) to get tenure, they must produce research papers that get peer reviewed. Research depends on grant money. Successful papers need to be peer reviewed and then sited by other researchers and articles. This breeds consensus science, not real science.

Universities and professors depend on grant money and will not allow anything to get in the way of their needed cash flow.

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