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FCC Chairman on 5G: ‘We won’t study it, regulate it, have standards for it.’

Cars are a very good example of a product that has safety standards, rigorous testing, and manufacturer liability. I had one of the first brick style cell phones back in the nineties. And, like a lot of other folks, I only recently (about 3 years ago) had a growth near my ear, and another on my upper arm that correspond to where I spent countless hours holding the phone talking. Radiation effects are longitudinal, and need years of testing for safety. 5G is going to blanket us in radiation bursts in many cases that come from every corner of a city block. With the advent of the internet of things, we will have a multitude of items inside our homes that will be also bursting with RF radiation that is more harmful than the previous 3G versions. It’s going to be geometric increase in intensity and frequency of exposure. All this with no safety testing. Insurance companies refuse to cover any RF related technology because they know the risks and future liabilities. 

(1:50) ‘We won’t wait for the standards. ‘


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